Great Trip! 


My first time to getting know Zoe is through CS. I sent her a message to meet and hangout during her staying in Yogyakarta. She responded my message and she would love to meet and hangout with me. So glad to got it. We kept in touch during her staying in Indonesia like when she was in Jakarta. At that time i was in Jakarta too, but i couldn’t met her because i was there to take care my uncle who were in Hospital. So couldn’t met.

When i was already in Jogja, i tried to get to know where Zoe are. And i had a good fortune that she was already in Jogja too. We figured out our time to have dinner at 21 July. So i came to her friend’s house where she stayed, and picked her up then went to the restaurant. We had a lots of fun, talking about any topics, even sharing our future planning but we didn’t eat much. After dinner, we just walked side to the Rock cafe where beside the restaurant. We saw the live music and enjoyed our conversation by the beer. So finally, at 11pm, it was time for us to leave that place beacuse we had next trip for tomorrow. So i took her back to her friend’s house. Then i backed to home.

Friday morning, i picked her again. But she looked so tired and she was sleepless. But she was so excited to be in Prambanan Temple and Sri Gethuk Waterfall. But she waxed enthusiastic about our plans to be there, so we went the without any problem. We explored the temples together till we got tired :D. Therefore we found a place to have food around the temples area. After had eaten, we got an hour twenty minutes to get Waterfall. After arrived there, we just directly jumped and swam. She was bit nervous when jumped from a small hill. But she did it. I saluted for her. Time passed faster, sunset goes down, so we should went home soon. Today we were so tired. But we had a lots of fun, cheer, happiness. Notwithstanding, i had had a bad feeling about her health when i saw her pale face. But i wished everthing was fine. So i finally took her safely at her friend’s home. I said good bye for her and would meet her again tomrrow for another exploration.

At 22th of July morning, i texted Zoe to getting know how she was, but i got bad news form her that she was sick. She got cough, tonsil and lyringitis. I was so worriying about her beacuse what i had felt last night before, was true. So i offered her to go to hospital to make sure that what was exactly happened to her. And after checked by docter, we got result that she got those sicks. So she was finally given some medicines. Then from Hospital, we actually should go home for rest. But i took her to station to ordered our train ticket to Malang. We were waitting to get the tickets because so many people who also waitting in the line for pay the ticket. It took more than 2 hours. In contrast, she felt so tired and just wanted to rest. I was guilty to her. But soon after got the tickets, we directly brought her home. Zoe, if you read this part, i wan to apologize to you.

23th of July, i spent my whole day in office and at home. I couldn’t meet Zoe while she was taking a rest. So i just got her current condition by asking her through phone. She told me she was getting well especially her couch and tonsil, however, she got stomachache of the effect of those medicines. I just said everthing would be fine, but if it was getting worst, let me know, so we should go to doctor again. So just took a rest and slept well. Unfortunately, almost in middle of night, about 11:15 PM, she told me she could’t slept and rested well by her friends and her friend’s friends were so noisy. So she intented to find a hotel to get rest more than well. So i came to pick her up and took her to the hotel. I wished she could took her time for rest.

24th of July, in the afternoon, i tried again to ask herself, she said she still felt sick of her stomach even getting worst. So we must to go to doctor to check again. After checked by doctor, doctor said it was influenced by those medicine. So for stopped the sickness, doctor gave more medicines. For this reason, she should rest to get well condition.

25th of July, Zoe informed me that she little by little felt good and ready for leaving tonight even though she felt a bit sick of her stomach.

At 26th of July And we were finally at the train station. And soon at 01.00 AM, train immediately left Jogja. After arrived in Malang, i and Zoe were picked up by my friend. Cuz only one bike, my friend took Zoe to his place first then me. While Zoe was waitting for me to come to my friend place, i and my friend were taking a motocross to get Bromo. I picked her up then we went to Bromo. We were so greateful to be there because Bromo Volcano had just been eruption. So a bit danger but got lucky day. We went to the center of the volcano and saw the volcano nearly. To anticipate our time to get bus didn’t late, we went back early. So after arrived in malang city, we took our stuff in my friend place, then went to Bus terminal. After getting the bus to Bali from Malang, we had  20 minutes to get some food. So finally, the bus left Malang, during our way to Bali, we had good topic to talk. I felt comfort with her like talking with her, sharing about life with her and everything. I mean, accordingly my story from my first meeting story till this current condition, she had reminded me to my german girl. Almost same. Her character is mostly same like mine. so that, i treat her like my german girl. Wherever or whenever she need me i would be there for her. I had been trapped by her simle, character and attention to me. But it’s impossible to tell her what i felt. So i just kept that felt in my mind.

July 27th, we arrived in Bus Terminal in Denpasar. We took a taxi to take us to Kuta Beach which there are many hotels around there. We took our time to rest. When we woke up in the afternoon, Zoe invited me to see the beach. So we went there and enjoyed our time there till sunset goes down. After that we had dinner and planned to go to party in the night. At 11pm, we went to one of the most famous club in legian street in Bali. There we danced together but i guess she didn’t feel comfort to dance with me might be caused by my bad dance or there was something strange of  me or etc that i didn’t know. So i had been keeping distance when she danced by herself. And she had asked me to go back to hotel while i danced too. And it made me increasingly asking in my mind. We arrived at hotel. She went to bed and i sat outside for musing(what had i done to her? Was i wrong?). i couldn’t slept and had a restless at that time. I had guessed that would be strange when we would meet in the morning, and that was true haha. I felt so guilty about last night and i braved myself to made sure that what i felt was true. I broached her about last night when we had a lunch. And she opened mineded and made me so comfort but nervous to ask a question. My question is “are you mad at me about last night”? and she answerd” i miss my boyfriend and not mad at you :)”. The answerd made me a bit calm, so we just cleared a missundertood. So i wish everything would be fine. After had lunch we went to the beach and met my friend there. Talking, laughing were a part of our meeting yep enjoying the music in the bar. That was my last time with you. Thankyou for let me join to your trip. I would never forget every single moment with you!